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(8, 30 minute sessions, 2 times a week, online, that you can take on your phone or computer)

The SONGWRITERS WORLD COURSE is specifically or songwriters who would like to get better at their skills or for the aspiring songwriter who wants to learn how to write, record and eventually publish their song.  Students will learn from scratch and will be coached by The Legendary Many Times Gold/Platinum Hit Maker, Suga-T. Suga-T has written and released over thousands of published songs and will be sharing with you the principals and steps of songwriting. Students will be provided the language of music, the culture of song writers, and the elements necessary to having staying power. Students will witness first hand a song recorded from scratch.

What's included?

2 Videos
1 Survey
2 Texts
Ms.  Suga T
Ms. Suga T
MA, BA, AA, Entrepreneur, Author, Producer, Platinum/Gold VH1 Pioneer, Vision Coach

About Your Instructor

Ms. Suga-T has a passion for entreprenuership and broken souls. Because of being coached as an executive in her family record label, she managed to soar in a male dominated Entertainment Industry of Hip-Hop for three decades and is a social entrepreneur.  Suga-T has also earned many awards along the way and at one point sacrificed her entertainment career by going back to school to accomplish an AA, BA and Master’s Degree along with a variety of other credentials. Although Suga-T was originally branded as a Hip-Hop Legend, she is a songwriter/producer & diverse artist that sing, rap, write, and explores a variety of genres, including blues, gospel, jazz, EDM and pop, and created her own genre titling it "Rhythm & Rap. This savvy social entrepreneur visionary re-invented her brand and works as a coach, author, speaker, advocate, mentor, performer, actress, personality, spiritual comforter and TV/music producer, while holding a Guinness friendly record of the biggest brother and sister Hip Hop duet ever in history titled “Sprinkle Me,” with her big brother “The Legendary E40.” Suga-T continues to hold down her spot, still carving a historical stamp in music, advocacy and business paving the way. She is also the founder of Sprinkle Me Enterprise, learn more @

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